Pools and Sinkholes Filled

Swimming Pools that are in poor repair, won't hold water or have been neglected can be extremely expensive to restore. This is probably not a big surprise. What may be a surprise is that often it is difficult or impossible to buy home owners insurance if you have a Derelict swimming pool, not to mention the danger and liability that can go with a structure such as this. At A-Class Solutions, Inc. we have filled many pools and turned them into usable space for patios, lawns or gardens. In some cases we collapse the pool deck and pool walls into itself and cap it with suitable soil, other times we simply break up the lower portion of the shell and fill it with dirt or other suitable material, leaving the pool deck in tact. Either way the problem is solved in a matter of a few days.

Sinkholes are a common problem in many metro area home sites and like derelict swimming pools can create many risks and hazards including the hidden risk of a hole opening up under your feet which can cause serious injury. At A-Class Solutions, Inc. we will assess the site and determine if it's better to remove the decomposing debris that is likely causing the soil to cave in or simply fill and compact with suitable soil.

Call today for a Free Estimate and we'll help you take care of that old pool or sinkhole, restore your space to a usable condition and relieve you of the liability that goes with it so you can have piece of mind.

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